Benefits Of Publishing

IISJ is committed to disseminate research output to the scientific community without any hassle. Articles published under IISJ  Banner are freely available throughout the world, ensuring the author′s presence through his/her contribution worldwide. Since IISJ  International is under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution License, it enables the redistribution and re-use of the original work, as we deposit them in reputed indexing databases on behalf of author.
Open Access
Open Access Through Open Access publication, authors benefit in number of ways:
  • Standards of high-quality, rapid peer-review and production
  • Enhances the visibility and presence of the author due to free dissemination and frequent citation
  • Liberal licensing and re-use policy through Creative Commons license
  • Easy and immediate Online access
  • High Impact factor and chances of getting cited, thus enhances the author′s API Index
Special Issues
  IISJ International journals publish Special issues to focus on unique aspects of research that advance our understanding on ongoing research. The major aim of the special issues is to expand the scope of subjects by specifically focusing the attention on an identified area out of a very broad topic and pay greater attention to it.
Articles in special issues aspires at broadening the scope of IISJ International journals, by targeting precise topics of interest that highlight the research advancements in this line of work
Scientific Associations
  The Scientific Societies that have firm belief on IISJ  peer-reviewed journals have extended their staunch support to us by creating a common platform to uphold the values "Open Access" through the global networking community that enable collaborations, sharing of resources and working together in multifarious key areas.
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