Every year more than 5 million people lose their lives because of diseases caused by tobacco. That's 14,000 people every day in the whole world, one in every 8 seconds. The increasing use of cigarettes and other tobacco products has reached the level of threatening public health worldwide. Tobacco feature in this case is the first international treaty created to deal with the strategy developed by the tobacco industry and to prevent Framework Convention on Control (FCTC) has been implemented, signed by Turkey. With this contract, it is aimed to control the tobacco epidemic, which is an epidemic disease. At the same time, the World Health Organization is also undertaking a variety of initiatives to tackle tobacco companies' market-building strategies and to control the spread of tobacco use. The increase in cigarette prices in the world and in our country, however, has led to the use of different tobacco products by cigarette addicts. Especially water pipe, e-cigarette comes with the most common use of raw tobacco is wrapped drink. Raw tobacco differs from other tobacco products in that it is presented at the end of its life without having to undergo the necessary fabrication processes. During the fabrication process, the heavy metal, fertilizer, agrochemical, insecticide, pathogen, toxin, etc. on the harvested tobacco. substances are being tried to be purified. Tobacco that has not been fabricated bypasses this process when it is delivered directly to the end-of-life. In addition to the harm caused by tobacco products on human health alone, the harmful effects of heavy metals, fertilizers, agrochemicals, pesticides, pathogens and toxins which can be contained in them are added. Heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and mercury can usually be detected in open tobacco. In other words, it is known that these and similar heavy metals have different and harmful effects on human health during acute and chronic periods. This compilation focuses on the harmful effects of heavy metals, which can be found extensively in open tobacco, to human health and to raise awareness about it in our society.