Multifunctionality of the fish industry in Tillabéri’s municipality

  • DJIBO Hassoumi Docteur en socio-économie du développement, Maitre-Assistant, Enseignant chercheur à l’université Boubacar BA de Tillabéri/Niger
Keywords: chain, marketing, multifunctionality, channels, city, Tillabéri


The objective of this study is to show the multi-functionality of the Tillabéri fish industry. Known as a network of social integration, the fish industry plays an economic and food role for the key players. The marketing of fresh fish consisted of two medium circuits (simple average circuit and integrated average circuit). However, this activity, carried out by different categories of people faces enormous problems. The research hypothesis is to consider the fish business as a tool for local development. This study was undertaken through a survey of the various activities covering the marketing chain. Therefore, given the complexity of this study, we divided it into three phases: the first phase consists in identifying the actors who constitute the pillar of the chain. The second phase was devoted to bibliographic research. As for the third phase, it corresponds to the actual survey, that is to say the elaboration of the questionnaire, the collection and the processing of the data.

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