This project was undertaken to know the market potential of different brands of Amlodipine which are already existing in the market. It starts with the brief introduction of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry. By having a look at Chapter two of the project i.e. Introduction, one can know about the Indian pharmaceutical industry, from this part one can know about key players in this field, about the growth of pharmaceutical industry, problems of the industry. A further look at the chapter three i.e. Drug description, one can know about the drug, drugs action, their benefits, their side effects, etc. In the chapter four i.e. Disease Description one can know about the disease, from this chapter one can easily be familiar how harmful is the disease, causes of the disease, prevention of the disease, etc. In the Research Methodology, the objectives of the study have been described along with the steps followed to attain the objectives. In carrying out the course of the research study, a survey on 70 Doctors and 100 Chemists shops was undertaken in Moradabad. Going through the Chapter six of the project i.e. Findings and Analysis, the data collected has been presented and analyzed to meet the objectives of the study.