Urban Spaces are a collection of opportunities and are full of cultural and social facilities so they should create comfort, tranquility and happiness. They should not produce fear and anxiety. Recreational centers, such as parks, stadiums, playgrounds, cinemas, etc., should evoke the sense of calm, joy and excitement. They should not be the source of grief, fear, stress or insecurity. Furthermore, with the existence of social institutions and supervisory and support institutions, the city must be organized and disciplined while the emergence of numerous social harm in the city indicates the impact of urbanization on the creation and increase of social problems. That is why the city, according to Robert Park and the Chicago School, it is considered the best place for the occurrence of "social disorganization". Recently, the rate of non-normative behaviors and violence has increased in some urban areas, which has been the source of social insecurity, and made it difficult to organize the relations between the citizens and their living environment.