Today, in workforce management, job satisfaction as one of the most important issues is to provide employees with the necessary incentives for improving their quality of work and to benefit as much as possible from human resources in the organization.  The job satisfaction among pharmacies staff in this research is the actions that pharmacies managers are doing to increase their motivation, create a positive attitude in individuals towards their work, which directly affect productivity and work enhancement. Therefore, pharmacies staff are the main goal of identifying the factors that affect job satisfaction and its design and validity by the experts and its reliability using Cronbach's alpha were confirmed. According to Friedman's test, the individual and sanitary factories are, respectively, the least and most important for the pharmacies staff's job satisfaction in Tehran city. The results of the prioritization between the variables of scale items were obtained based on Friedman's test. It was determined that the most important individual factor affecting job satisfaction is enough opportunity for advancement in work. Moreover, the most important motivational factor related to the relationships of colleagues and the most important health factor associated with the appreciation of the positive work of employees.