People Living With HIV make up the most important group to address HIV Prevention. Simultaneous protection against both unwanted pregnancy and STIs/HIV is referred to as dual contraceptive. Therefore, dual protection with the use of effective modern contraceptive method together with condom is critical. Objectives: To assess the prevalence and associated factors of dual contraceptive use among HIV positive reproductive aged women (15-49) in Metekle Zone, west Ethiopia. Methods: Institutional based cross-sectional study was conducted. Systematic sampling technique was used to get 403 participants. Data were analyzed using SPSS version 20. Logistic regression was used to check variable having association dual-contraceptive use. Results: Of the 403 PLHIV women, 99.5% had heard about modern contraceptive, but only 273(58.8%) had heard about dual contraceptive, out of which 165 (40.9%) had reported using dual methods. The common reason not to use dual method was lack of knowledge 174(73.1%). Conclusions: - Less than half used dual methods. Awareness creation on dual contraceptive use should be given attention.