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Special Issue Proposal

IISJ JOURNAL special invitation for Special Issue for Medical Sciences All Branches , Submit Your Articles For Publication With International Journal.
Special Issue is an effective way to draw attention to specific topics. Experienced researchers and practitioners are welcome to propose, organize the Special Issues around topics of their interest and expertise.
Once you propose a Special Issue, you will be the Lead Guest Editor of the Special Issue.
How to propose a Special Issue:
A Special Issue proposal should include the following 9 parts:
   Journal Title (In which journal that you want to publish a Special Issue).
   Special Issue Title.
   Lead Guest Editor (Including full name, email address, affiliation information).
   Guest Editor (Including full name, email address, affiliation information).
    Note: Affiliation information should include department/faculty, university/institute, city and country.
   Submission Deadline.
   Publication Date.
   Description: A 150-400 words summary about your Special Issue.
   If you have a sequence request of papers published in your Special Issue.
   If possible, provide a provisional paper listing of your Special Issue from potential authors, including author names, article titles. (Note: this is not     required at proposal stage if not available)
Join the Special Issue
If you want to join as the Special Issue Lead Guest Editor, please submit your Special Issue proposal to: editor@iisj.in