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In this paper, some preparation methods of single walled carbon nanaotubes were reviewed, and the advantages and disadvantages of these methods were discussed, and the newest methods of single walled nanotubes productions were reviewed</p> Nuha Hadi Jasim Al Hasan ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-03-14 2019-03-14 3 03 513 519 OF ADAPTATION <p style="margin: .25in 0in .25in 0in;"><span lang="EN-IN">Man adapts. He has to adapt. He is bound to adapt. Thus man willy-nilly adapts infinite times from cradle to grave. So adaptation is observed every sphere of life in different forms and features with varied degree and dimension as well.</span></p> Dr Dibakar pal ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-03-11 2019-03-11 3 03 Experience in the use of Electrical Stimulation Oil and Friction in them <p>Analysis of the results of well-known studies, original laboratory, as well as operati-onal on dozens of cars, confirms the possibility of low-cost and noticeable improvement of tribotechnical properties of mates working in motor and transmission oils by electrical ex-posure to them. In laboratory tests, DC voltage supply of 12-33 V, and possibly up to 100 V, on parts made of copper, aluminum, zinc and tin alloys, washed with oil, achieved a significant reduction in friction and wear at low loads, less - at medium and no effect in the nominal mode. In the conditions of operation, the modernization of machines by sup-plying DC voltage to the oil-washed insulated even steel parts in the engine and transmis-sion units provides savings of at least 3, in different conditions, 10-18, and mainly 12% of motor fuel. The same expedient processing of oil hydraulic equipment.</p> A.V. Dunaev ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-03-01 2019-03-01 3 03 Improvement of the Task Execution Deadlines on the Plant Construction Project <p>This paper presents a work on "improvement of the task execution deadlines on the plant construction project". It was written in a context where the mismatching for structural steel in developing countries is growing. The overall objective of this work is to see how to plan a construction project that has lagged in the execution of tasks, and then reduce this accused delay. To achieve this goal, the adopted methodology begins with an analysis of the study site construction methods, after that the data collection comes, including tasks still to be carried out, followed by a choice of methods to be used and, finally, project planning. The planning methods used are work breakdown structure and the Gantt chart, to which time deadline reduction methods such as overtime planning, night work and resource addition were applied. The completion deadlines of this project were reduced by two months. By comparing the investment cost to achieve this reduction and the financial losses caused by the delay, it is easy to see the importance of the proposed solution. This work will allow companies to avoid losing the profit they would have made if they were producing and this profit often turns out to be enormous.</p> Theodore Tchotang ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-03-04 2019-03-04 3 03 Serpentine Tribotechnical Composition «Saranovsky». Preparation and comparative tests <p>Non-traditional tribotechnics with the use of organic, metal and mineral tributechnical compositions allows for without disassembly repair of worn-out friction units of various civil and military equipment. From 1942 it developed a slow but with 2000 there were over 200 different tribological compounds, of which in Europe, Asia, America wide-ly used a few dozen.</p> <p>In Russia, due to the simplicity of preparation, application and efficiency, the most widely used powders of minerals of the serpentine group were found. Their creation and justification of application took place in the 80-90s years in St. Petersburg and many other research institutes of Russia.</p> <p>Tribological studies of highly dispersed powders of the serpentine group minerals – magnesium hydrosilicates Mg<sub>6</sub>[Si<sub>4</sub>O<sub>10</sub>](OH)<sub>8</sub> and similar, as well as performance testing of their application was carried out in the Nanocentre of research Institute GOSNITI. Here in the research serpentine compositions or geomodificators friction conducted more than 5,000 tests 80 different songs, and in the center UNIITiN conducted operational testing tribotechnical composition, &nbsp;created Nanocenter GOSNITI.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>In creating the serpentine tribotechnical composition in the Nanocenter GOSNITI waste is used flotation chrome ore Deposit mining facility.&nbsp; Powders were purified, subje-cted to heat treatment, mechanoactivation on a planetary ball mill ACTIVATOR 2SL, be-fore and after preparation was investigated on X-Ray diffractometer XRD 6000, and on an inverted metallographic microscope OLUMPUS GX 51. Laboratory tribotechnical tests of the finger-disc steel pair in engine oil with tribo-compositions were carried out on the TRB-S-DE tribometer in the step loading mode to a pressure of 218 MPa at a sliding speed of 100 cm/s.</p> <p>These comparative tests showed that the tribo-composition of Saranovsky in mineral motor oil of quality classes SS API and viscosity 30 SAE (manufacturer Russia) approximated its tribological properties to the best in the world motor oil firm Mobil to the coefficient of friction 0.04.&nbsp;</p> <p>250-hour performance testing in the center UNIITiN in three diesel engines of Rus-sian tractors showed a decline in fuel consumption by 5-8 %, of oil burning on 10-12 %, the opacity of gases by 8-15 %, and iron content in oils by 20-25 %. This once again confirmed the known from the late 80-s years of the effectiveness of in-place repair of serpentine structures to increase their service life automotive engineering.&nbsp; &nbsp;</p> <p>Summarizes the features of the building and tribological properties of serpentine coatings. From this it is assumed that the growth of the carbon-containing coating, even with the removal of the tribotechnical composition from the oil, is due to the activation of friction coatings and the unique properties of the atoms of the carbon, the possibilities of sp<sup>2</sup>, sp<sup>3</sup> hybridization, chemisorption coatings of hydrocarbon lubricants, and in the interfaces to dry and also carbon dioxide environment.</p> A.V. Dunaev ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-03-01 2019-03-01 3 03