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Editorial And Peer Review Process


1. A manuscript processed for publication with the understanding that it is being submitted to Journal only at that point in time and has not been published/simultaneously submitted/ already accepted elsewhere for the publication.

2. All manuscript received are duly acknowledged with a assigned manuscript number.

3. On submission, subject editor review all the submitted manuscript initially for suitability for formal review. Manuscript with plagiarism, serious scientific or technical error and lack of a significant message are rejected without proceeding for the formal peer review. Manuscripts that are not in the scope of Journal are also liable to be rejected at this stage.

4. Manuscript clearing first round of the screening will be considered for the review process and it can be sent to two or more reviewers.

5. Selection of these reviewers/referees is at the sole discretion of the editor.

6. Journal  strictly follow the double blind review process, where neither the author nor the reviewer knows the identity of each other.

7. Members of the teams from Editorial board have the right to take final decision on publication after receiving comments from reviewer/Referees. The decision of acceptance, rejection or revision in manuscript will convey to the corresponding author.

8. In case of minor or major modifications the corresponding author is requested to send itemized response for each of comments of reviewers and send revise version of the manuscript to the editor.

9. The manuscript will not be accepted for publication until editor and reviewer/referees were satisfied with the manuscript.

10. Articles accepted would be copy edited for grammar, punctuation, print style, and format. Page proofs will be sent to the corresponding author, with or without corrections must be returned within three days.

11. The corresponding author (or coauthor designee) will serve on behalf of all coauthors as the primary correspondent with the editorial office during the submission and review process.


Step 1  Author should be registered and submit the complete manuscript in .doc or .docx format. 
Step 2  Manuscript submitted by registered author will be checked by Managing editor (may be rejected if not full filling the standard research criteria).
Step 3  Submitted Manuscript will be assigned a manuscript number.
Step 4  Peer review process will be started and manuscript will be send to two reviewers (manuscript may be rejected if reviewer comments are indicating the poor research quality).
Step 5  Author/s will receive the manuscript with reviewers comment/s.
Step 6 Author/s has to submit the revised manuscript to managing editor and manuscript checked by managing editor and one of the reviewers (may be rejected if not satisfying the reviewers queries).

Step 7  Revised Manuscript will be accepted for publication.
Step 8  Author/s should submit the manuscript handling/processing fee 
Step 9  Galley proof will be formed for the author/s approval and it will be send back to author/s.
Step 10  Manuscript typesetting and final editing process will be started based on the author/s feedback.
Step 11  Manuscript will be published after the final approval from the author/s.