There is increase in sugary drinks in our environment and associated disease e.g diabetes mellitus. There is no cure for this disease and hence the investigation into Milo and Bournvita beverages to evaluate the blood glucose levels. A total of 16 adult male and female albino rats were studied including alloxan induced ones. There was significant increase (P < 0.05) in blood glucose level in rats fed with Bournvita on initial day 1 than the group fed with Milo drink. Also on day 7 increase in blood glucose level was observed in group of rats fed with Bournvita than Milo. However, on day 14 Bournvita fed group had significant reduction (P <0.05) in blood glucose level than Milo group. But on day 21 the difference in blood glucose levels between the two beverages were not significant, (P>0.05). And on day 28 the blood glucose level of Bournvita fed rats was significantly lower than the Milo fed group. Generally, the blood glucose levels in the two beverages were within the normal range except in Bournvita group on day 7. The decline in blood glucose levels on day 14 and 21 in alloxan induced diabetic rats suggests insulin resistance. It is advised that consumption of Bournvita and Milo beverage drinks be minimized to avoid associated disease; diabetes.