The inclusion of technologies in agriculture is not only inevitable but immensely necessary. Time is a fundamental resource in all human activity, and in the agriculture it is a factor of critical importance. Therefore, it is vital to automate daily agricultural work and make more efficient production processes in food biosystem agriculture, horticulture, livestock, beekeeping and other related to food production).Mexico currently has the problem of the food supply of a growing population in both urban and rural areas, which makes necessary the revision of the ways of producing them, in order to substantially increase this production. Although the process of implementing the technologies has already begun already mentioned, it is necessary to consider that these can be the triggering factor for the increase of the productiveness in this branch of the Mexican economy. In this work reference is made to the state of the application of the PLC, s an our agriculture and livestock production. This paper discussed PLC´S in Mexican  Biosystem reviewing various works done by previous authors. From the review, many authors agreed that PLC´S was profitable .Generally, the authors concurred used  PLC´S in biosystems is  good,again, in the rural areas. This study therefore, concludes that for a sustainable development to be achieved both in urban and rural areas, adequate solutions should be provided for PLC´S uses. Although in Mexico the use is least, it should be increased research work in universities and agricultural research centers.